Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Vesta, aka Hestia
Goddess of Hearth, Home & Cooking

Last seen skipping town with nine muses. If found or seen in public, please alert the authorities! Hestia is not considered dangerous, but her long absence is having a negative impact on my culinary verve.


After much hemming and hawing on my part, I’ve come to the conclusion that EAT WITH ME will go on pre-meditated sabbatical, hiatus, vacation, etc. I keep fooling myself that I’ll get to that next blog post “tomorrow.” Folks, it just isn’t happening. In reality, over the past year and a half-give or take-blogging just hasn’t been a priority. My creativity and inspiration seem to have vanished. Perhaps they are off partying with Dionysus. Or maybe Demeter has developed a gluten allergy and has given up wheat. Who knows!

I’m not committing bloggercide! There is too much time, energy and love poured into EAT WITH ME to just let it go. I need some guilt-free time away to reinvest myself, reimagine the blog and light a spark.

Over the next few months I will…
  • Look into some creativity based classes. Painting or ceramics. Maybe food classes. Something that will get the synapses firing across hemispheres again.
  • I will continue to reduce the amount of television consumed in my life. This has been happening over the past few months anyway. I’ll keep a few favorites! Programs really are all about shouting and screaming lately and I can’t deal with it anymore. I’ll use this new found time for more reading and learning.
  • Try to get out of town a bit more. I need to spend some extended time outside of the gravitational pull of the Capital Beltway. I’m starting this one in just 12 days with a solo trip to New York City. Perhaps a few more day trips or extended weekends here and there. I’ll also be planning a major international trip for the end of the year!!!
  • Continue cooking! I gotta eat. I still like cooking; I’m just bored with it. There are 100’s of recipes on EAT WITH ME, but with few exceptions, they are boring me.
Keep EAT WITH ME in your blog readers, RSS feeds and whatnots. I promise to return. I can’t tell you if it will be two months or six months, I don’t know. I’ll know when I know.

Take Care!

Oh! If you feel like you’ll miss me, you can still follow me on Twitter at @eatwithme75. And perhaps I’ll post an update on my sabbatical adventures and my persistent search Hestia.

“Find something you're passionate about
& keep tremendously interested in it.”
Julia Child


Lady Brandenburg said...


The Kara said...

Well, this makes me sad to say the least, but I understand. And hope you may make a wee exception when we eat something fabulous on your visit.

psrone said...

Loved your dijon/cream pork chop recipe! My husband wanted to have "fun with Pork Chops! Thanks!

Bryce said...

That's sad, yours was the last DC food blog I visit anymore.