Wednesday, September 02, 2009


This summer was crappy in the garden. 1) We didn't grow any vegetables. We made the decision not to after the massive failures last year. 2) But I did try my hand at some basil, in addition to my rosemary. Someone--THING--had a field day with the basil and at most I had a small handful here and there. Not enough to do much with.

So I sucked it up and bought basil. Finally, I was able to make a batch of pesto! This was a good batch...

The true Green Goddess sauce!

Tossed with some fresh fettucine and some quickly seared chicken breasts, a perfect fast meal. The only downside, I underestimated the salt in the parm and over salted the pesto. That's ok, I like salt...but this was a touch much!

In other great news, the fridge is here and working. I went grocery shopping yesterday to start restocking...spent a hefty sum of money, but at least half of the cash went to replacing goods we had to toss and restocking the freezer. I did manage to rake in over $40 in savings with my Giant card! Woo hoo!


DancerInDC said...

I'm also grateful the fridge is working, because I was able to take the leftovers from this meal to have for lunch today!

Life is back to normal.

Faye said...

Hooray for the new fridge!