Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grab Bag

I have some catching up to do. Last week was busy. Tuesday was bookclub, so dinner was at 2 Amy's in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of Washington, DC. Great pizza and delicious fried risotto balls. Wednesday I had a staff retreat to attend. Wednesday night I had to prep food for my departments two day staff retreat. Thursday night I got home way late and was exhausted. Friday, same thing, home later than normal and just darned pooped out. Saturday we had a nice dinner at home and Sunday we spent in Baltimore at Honfest. This week should be a little more normal....???? Fingers-crossed.

The full staff retreat included a pot-luck component for lunch, I brought a pineapple & kiwi fruit salad, with ginger-lime syrup. This is super fun, easy and very tasty. Make a simple syrup of water and sugar. Put a few chunks of peeled, smashed ginger root into the syrup while it simmers and the sugar dissolves. When it cools down, add some lime zest and lime juice. Pour over the fruit. The tropical flavors all blend together beautifully for a refreshing dessert.

I think this with Saturday night's dinner. It looks pretty rough, but was fairly tasty. This is a play on the Tequila Turkey Fettucine. I used leftover chicken and pork roast instead of turkey and rum instead of tequila. It was tasty. I'm not going to go out of my way to make it again, but as a leftover dinner, it worked!

When I prepped last weeks menu, there was one special request. Chicken Picatta. I was pleased with the final outcome. First, I only make this with angel hair now. The lemony-buttery sauce seems to play best with the thin pasta. Also, I used shallots instead of garlic. No reason, but I loved the more mild flavor of the shallot. And I went a step further with the chicken. Normally, I just coat the thin chicken breasts with seasoned flour, then fry them. I wanted a more substantial coating this time, so I did the flour/egg/flour combo and received high marks! Good times. I had a few extra chicken breasts and turned one into a delicious sandwich for lunch. Great!

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