Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bounty Hunters

We had a very successful morning at the Cheverly Community Market. Lots of goods and we're looking forward to all of them!

the full bounty.

farm fresh eggs!

little grape tomatoes.

we bought two bins of strawberries. this is it. no more fresh strawberries this season.

green beans.
carrots. i'm going to wash them and eat them. you can smell how sweet they are in our kitchen!

we're going to try roasting some beets. we're not fans, but want to give it a shot.

some of the last of the season's asparagus.

some of our neighbors make their own tea blends. we bought one tin to try. this one was very aromatic. the labels are all hand screened and once they are gone, they are gone. i'm not a tea drinker, but i'd consider buying them just for the artwork. check out their website at: Damn Fine Tea.

and a treat for me. a chocolate croissant.

You can follow the Cheverly Market on Whrrl thanks to Prickly Girl.


Mary Jo said...

I need you to shop for me Scott!! All sure looks delicious. . .

The Kara said...

It looks so great, Scott! It makes me miss our farmer's market that was discontinued this year - short sighted in my opinion!

Bek said...

I love your food photography. :)

Tony said...
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Tony said...

"we're going to try roasting some beets. we're not fans, but want to give it a shot."

You know you can make a cake (i.e. sweet dessert) with beets? Also, we've done a marvelous bruschetta-esque beet mix with chevre goat cheese over toasted bread... it's divine (though staining! be careful while preparing! ;)

They're kind of weird, very staining, and need tart-support, but beets are super-healthy and when treated properly can be a grand contribution to your diet.

/Also, the greens can be used in risotto!

Smiling Mama said...

We got beets, too. I can't wait to see what you do with them as I am stumped!