Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oak Monsters and Fruit Bombs

Based on the recommendation of Greg & Selena, I picked up my own copy of Gary Vaynerchuk's 101 Wines Guaranteed to inspire, delight, and bring thunder to your world!

It's so much fun.

The introduction of the book is subtitled; "This is not a wine guide."

It looks like a wine guide. Wines are listed, ranked and described. Seems wine guide like to me.

This is where it's different. Gary wants this book to "help you to create your own story with wine." He continues, "I only wish for your discovery of wine to be as unique, exciting, fun and full of surprises as mine."




Full of surprises???

And the book certainly is! I'm really enjoying it. Of the 101 wines listed, so far I have read down to #64. I have 63 more to go.

I became hooked when I read about wine #94, a dessert wine from Italy.
"This is overlooked and so sensual, I need to get a little X-rated with my imagery. This wine makes you want to put on the Barry White and lap it off someone's belly. It's more like you and your teenage dream date are ending a summer night sharing an ice cream sundae at the Jersey shore. You are feeding eat other as it melts, and this sundae has not only peaches-and-cream ice cream, but bananas, warm caramel and butterscotch sauce. Your lips are all sticky with it, and the second you finish your last spoonful, you lean in and last your first kiss. It is that good, and that gorgeous and that memorable, and you need to find it."
I feel all tingly just reading that...and I haven't even tasted the wine!!!!

Pick up this book if you want to read about wine in a very enjoyable, excitable way. A way that will lead you to discover your own way to enjoy wine!

PS: I'm not going to tell you the name of the Barry White wine...pick up a copy of the book!

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emiglia said...

Wow... that could be the best ad for a book I've ever read. Gotta find me a copy... thanks for the tip!