Friday, February 20, 2009

My Girl!!!!

I'm so frakkin' happy that Ms. Carla is in the Top 3 on Top Chef!!!!!! Goo Girl.

I don't remember cheering when watching Top Chef in the past, but I did when I watched part 1 of the Finale!

OMG I'm So Excited!

You want us to do WHAT?

I feel like dancin' dancing!!! did this photo get here?

Gurl, you don't nuttin' 'bout my peas!

Go Carla Go!

BTW: Thank Gawd Gail was back!


joyous said...


Dancer in DC said...

Carla and I are so going to become BFFs, even if we can't drink together.

mdfifi said...

I'm rooting for Carla, too. I love her personality. She's seems so down to earth and gracious. I would love to eat her food! Hopefully, she'll keep crankin' out the love and terrific food all the way to the TC win!

Stef said...

I feel the love!!!

I'm taking my class at L'Academie next weekend. If she wins this week, I'm sure they'll do something for her -- we've got to find a way to meet her!!!