Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Long 2008! Hello 2009!!!

Well, it's mid-afternoon on New Year's Eve. We've been without power most of the morning; up until a few minutes ago. I had grand plans for the blog today. I was going to do a year in review post and give you an update on our New Year's Eve dinner plans...but alas, we have to pack up to make out way to our New Year's Hosts, food in tow. So that post will be coming soon.

So I wish you all the best in 2009. Thank you for stopping in on a regular basis and putting up with my ramblings and occasional moments of brilliance!

2008 has been my most prolific year of blogging, more posts than the previous years. This May will be my fourth blogiversary. It's exciting. I've never kept a hobby this long.

I will do a Year-In-Review, but it will be posted sometime later this weekend. I might back date it so shows as the last post of 2008...

All that being said, please celebrate and enjoy the festivities, but please do so safely and in moderation...


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Stef said...

happy new year!!! Sorry to hear about the power outage, but I'm glad it didn't curb your cooking plans. Cheers to 2009!