Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Review

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the 2008 Year in Review Top 5! As I mentioned when I did this last year, it's kind of like choosing your favorite child. We had a lot of great meals together this year and here are some of the highlights.

Earlier this year we moved into our house. It's been fabulous. So many great new adventures. Including grilling on our brand new Weber Grill. There were many failures before I seemed to get the swing of it, but once I was good! The chicken gets a great dry rub full of spices, then a nice grill. Towards the end, a few brushes of Sylvia's BBQ Sauce. Heaven.

Simple and delicious. These potatoes come together quickly and easily, giving you time to focus on some other delicious part of your dinner. The crispy outside with a soft, light inside. Great side.

I hadn't made this dish to the exact recipe and when I finally did, the game changed. The ante was upped! When you make this dish, please roast your own garlic! The roasted garlic brings a rich, mellow flavor to the party that will make you weep. This dinner is now a new stand-by for us.

After years and years of avoiding beans, I dove in head first this year with the classic French baked beans. Unbelievable. I got the giggles. And the addition of some bacon fat will make you want to cry in delight. So naughty you'll want to make your way to confession.

Fresh tomato sauce. Fresh. Tomato. Sauce. Taking advantage of the fresh, local ingredients available at our local farmer's market gave us many amazing opportunities, but this one was just downright perfect. This sauce can be used in so many ways, but the best has to be with some homemade pasta. Seriously. Fresh & Local. You can change the world and eat like a king; sadly it's just short time each year while the tomatoes are full and in season.

Cheers. Here's to a great new year with many awesome foodie adventures.


Dancer in DC said...

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!!! The only thing more perfect would been if we'd been able to grow them ourselves, but that was a sad undertaking.

Delicious stuff! Now I suppose the New Year's resolution is to exercise more to work off that cassoulet...

DC Food Blog said...

Did you have to peel and see the tomatoes? Because that's the part where I find it completely torturous. I think it's time to maek the caramelized onion and bacon tart. That was some good eating!

ScottE. said...

Yep, those are peeled and seeded on my own. It was tedious and time consuming, but I knew what the final result was going to be. Worth each and every minute. So delicious.