Monday, December 29, 2008

Leftover, Quick Dinner

Dinner tonight was fast...maybe ten minutes and utilized two potatoes and leftover Christmas Dinner. We've been doing lots of leftovers, but this was a nice, completely different meal using mostly pre-made ingredients! Cheap & Fast.

German Hash

Cut the potatoes into cubes, about 1/4 inch square. You can peel if you like, you don't need to. I cut off about 1/2 the peel, to make it easier to cube the potato. Add the cubed potato to a large skillet with 1 TB fat. I used bacon fat that I had reserved from a previous bacon adventure (thanks Grandma for showing me to save the bacon fat!). Allow the potatoes to cook in the fat, untouched in a medium high pan (8 out of 10, 1o being full flame), four a few minutes until they start to crisp up and brown, stir/flip/move the potatoes around, continue to cook until tender and crisp all over.

When the potatoes are tender, add some shredded leftover pork. Cook until heated through.

Add some leftover sauerkraut and toss to fully incorporate. If the mix is dry add a splash of liquid. In this case I used a few splashes of a sweet Gewerztraminer wine (sweet/apple; remember the pork and sauerkraut was cooked with apples, apple juice and cider vinegar!)

Serve when hot!

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Dancer in DC said...

I'm a fan of these quick leftover solutions. It's like food recycling - is that green?