Monday, October 20, 2008

A Sunday Kind of Love

We had a little gathering of friends over yesterday to play a rousing game of Killer Bunnies. This is a fun game. Pretty easy to pick up, with a few moments of "what am I doing?" The gist--keep your bunnies alive and kill your opponent's bunnies. This is just a game, not real life!

So with people coming over, I had to make some nibbles.

Mini-pigs in blankets. It was a cooler day, so the blankets were necessary. I took the mini weinies and wrapped them with small sections of packaged puff pastry. I brushed them with a little melted butter and baked them at 400 for 18 minutes. Delish.

I also make some Cheesey Sausage Balls. Mix 1 pound of sausage, 1 2-cup package of shredded cheddar cheese and 2 cups of Bisquick until well blended. Roll 1 TB of mixture into round balls and place on a rimmed baking sheet. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Yum.

I made a double batch of my hummus. Who knew I would ever like hummus? I used to dislike it, but now enjoy it. If you can, use freshly roasted garlic for the best flavor.

This picture is not a finished product, but I have to share anyway. It is DOWNRIGHT ridiculous and worth every calorie. Turtle Cheesecake Dip! A cheesecake-like dip with pecans and chocolate chips. Later it was drizzled with chocolate sauce and caramel. I served with Nilla Wafers. You almost want to cry. There was one proclamation of "I'm marrying this dip." That didn't come from me, but I was ready to face plant into the middle of that bowl!

This is what happens to Boomer after she has a little of her wet food...she curls up and naps with a smile on her face...yes, my Kitty is related to me...I do (or wish I could) take a nap after my meals.


Dancer in DC said...

I definitely liked the pigs better with puff pastry - they weren't so heavy. Of course, I then ate about twice as many as I normally would.

We had a ton of hummus left over, but that's fine by me! It keeps for at least a week, and makes an excellent mid-day snack. I'm taking a lot of it to work.

Stef said...

Hooray for the Bloody Bunny Massacre Sunday. (It was a lot more fun than that sounds. But my poor bunnies!)

I'm currently planning the honeymoon for me and the cheesecake dip. I'm thinking a tour of European castles. I'll pack lots of Nilla wafers.

Alison said...

Hi Scott, I couldn't find your email on the site, but I wanted to send you some info about Thummit, an awesome new service for rating DC restaurants on the go. We're having a quick demo next Monday and would love to see you there. Check out the link below for more details.