Thursday, May 29, 2008

How does your garden grow

Wanted to share some updates on our gardening efforts.

On May 18 we purchased several varieties of shade loving plants at Benkes. 4 Hostas and 2 Heucheras.

We planted them on the north side of the house, getting mostly shade.

From front to back: So Sweet Hosta, Midnight Rose Heuchera, Francee Hosta, Mahogany Heuchera, Patriot Hosta and August Moon Hosta

This pale pink flowering shrub is growing in the front, along the sidewalk. No idea what it is.

Here's our little green tomatoes!

The clematis is in full bloom.

The yellow iris is on it's last round of sweet blooms

Here's a full grown shot of the crazy plant we have no idea what it is. Some type of lily. It's over 7 feet tall at this point. We tied them back to keep them from tipping over.

The giant blue/elephant ear hosta. I don't know the real name on this one, but these leaves are GIANT! I love how they filled in the whole area they had been planted in. See how they came in.


DC Food Blog said...

Ah Clematis. Why does such a pretty flower have a name that sounds like an STD?

ScottE. said...

Thank you thank you thank you...I've been saying that for years. I don't actually call it by its proper college we always called it climbing chlamydia. But that just illustrates my immature nature.

Dancer in DC said...

The pale pink have now definitely been identified as yet another member of the rhododendron/azalea family.