Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gardening Updates...

Why not right?

A close-up of one of our beautiful peonies! I cut this Friday morning to enjoy at my desk at work. It opened up fully and was completely fragrant. Stunning. And I'm glad I cut this when I did. By Saturday afternoon, the blooms on the shrub looked like this...

Yes...they are beautiful, but they are on the verge of falling...totally open and the edges of the blossoms are beginning to wilt.

These are the giant blue hostas. We had no idea what they were going to be when they started poking through the dirt...they are stunningly large. Those leaves are over a foot wide!

Here are the lilies...I think that's what the feedback is leading me to believe. The exact type...don't know...but they are getting tall!

We haven't shared many photos from the front of the's nice...but not as nice as the backyard...but our Japanese Maple tree is stunning right now...when you catch it in the afternoon...the sun is hitting it just so...fiery!

And some backyard. We have our red and pink Azaleas in full bloom. And my little tomatoes are trucking away. Woot!

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