Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm Back

Hey all, back from vacation! I'm pooped. Really...vacation exhausts me. Slowly gettin' back in the groove. Might take me a little time.

Last night's dinner had to be quick and easy...I wasn't up for cooking. Well, I was but I didn't want anything involved. So...I took large chunks of chicken and generously coated them with 2 tablespoons of Baharat Spice Blend, then sauted in a hot pan with olive oil until almost 'blackened. I served the chicken with my current favorite side dish; Bazaar Couscous! Sauted veggies with zatar spice blend, grapeseed oil, pine nuts and middle eastern couscous.

Very filling and tasty!


joyous said...

I love Bizarre Couscous. It's my current favorite, too.

ScottE. said...

Bazarre! Not Bizarre...! Well, maybe it's bizarre to some.

Dancer in DC said...

It's bizarrely AWESOME. I could seriously just eat a bowl of it and be happy.

Stef said...

Hey - did you ever tell your blog readers about how you're super-famous?!? You and that hot gadget guy... ;-)