Friday, November 18, 2005

Meet my new Beau

The 2005 Beaujolais Nouveau was released yesterday, 11/17/05. Certain circumstances prevented me from sampling some last night, but I did pick up a bottle today while out for lunch.

I picked up the George DeBeouf, for about $15 with tax included...and that was downtown DC. Hope you can find it cheaper. Will let you know what we think of it after we pop it open!

Anyone have any thoughts on this year's product?

An anonymous wine source whom I trust very much has this to say:
While most inexpensive releases can be considered swill, the 2005 Domaine Dupeuble is good and affordable. Most Whole Foods should be carrying it but
call first to confirm.

Thanks Anonymous Source, wink wink!


Lady Brandenburg said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of the one you picked up... because my experience has been that it is extremely easy to get a BAD Beaujolais Nouveau (like the French version of Mad Dog).

Dancer in DC said...

Well I confess I didn't like it. It was really tannic and strong - unlike the Noveaus I have enjoyed in the past. If someone finds a label they love, do let me know.

Stef said...

I've never had a Beau.... what am I missing? Is it really that fantastic? I'll have to try some soon!

ScottE. said...

Beau is a very young wine...aged just a few short months. It usually light and fruity. Fun to drink. But, as is the nature of the beast, each year is different. We've had good Beaus. We've had crappy ones and we've had great ones...

This year's, from what I've had so far, is not that great, but I don't think it's horrible. I'm going to try to find another bottle to sample for comparison.

The first time I had a beau, it was when I was more of a white wine drinker, so it was actually a good transition wine for me.

Stef said...

Interesting. I am definitely more of a white wine drinker, and I like the fruitier kinds. Vigonier is my favorite, more than a Chardonnay. So maybe this would be a good transition wine for me, too.

ScottE. said...

Right on....But if you don't like 2005, try it again in 2006 and 2007...Cuz two or three years ago what we had was amazing and basically bought a full case in one season. Then the following year it was complete swill. This year, I'm not ready to pass judgement yet. Not loving it, but don't feel I should pour it out either.