Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updates-fun with camera phone.

Made a quiche the other day. Came together fairly easy. Cooked easy. But had a bit of a spill over. Looks like a lava flow.

This photo looks great on my phone, but here it looks very washed out. A great batch of chili, served with cornbread. All tasty.

I have off this week, so I took in one of the many food trucks invading the city...Red Hook Lobster truck. Delicious lobster rolls! Try the Connecticut for the butter soaked angel food!

Making pizza dough tonight. Loved the look of the rising dough in the plastic wrapped bowl. Lots of awesome flavors going on there.

***You remember that awesome amazing night we had at Bond 45 a few weeks ago. Well, they've made some changes to their menu. Take a look and check them out if you get the opportunity.

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