Thursday, July 08, 2010

Blue Moon

Summer Vacation! For part one of our vacation, we headed to Rehoboth Beach, DE. We usually keep things low key, but this time we decided on a major splurge. For our final dinner we headed to Blue Moon. What a treat.

After placed our order a hot waiter brought us a treat from the kitchen. I do love restaurants that give you a little amuse bouche. This time I wasn't sure I was willing to play the game. We were given a date, stuffed with Gorganzola cheese, wrapped in bacon and drizzled with balsamic. I really don't like Gorganzola cheese. I've tried it several times and just haven't liked it. Well...this time...this time was different. The sweetness of the date and balsamic, paired with the salty bacon brought a lovely balance to the tangy cheese. Very delightful.

We were told right up front the kitchen was busy, so we might want to consider a starter so we weren't waiting too long. I appreciate the honesty. So, we ordered a salad to share; bibb lettuce, poached egg, pickled onions, bacon and a herby buttermilk dressing. YUM!

A warm roll with soft butter. Not cold butter, but soft butter. THANKS!

My entree. I got the New York Strip with herb butter and herb roasted fingerling potatoes. Here's my feeling on herb butter. Keep the raw garlic out of it. The raw garlic is just too overpowering and for me, TMI, it makes me a little burpy and keeps making a reappearance all night long. That being the said, the steak was super tender and otherwise had great flavor. I was a touch surprised by the doneness. I ordered medium-rare. I expected a lovely pink steak. It wasn't. The pink was mostly gone. Which would tell me it was overcooked, but it wasn't. Still tender, juicy and great flavor, but the color wasn't there. I think the steak may have been cooked at a lower temperature after receiving a quick sear. Mmmm, I do love some steak!

I skipped dessert in lieu of a tasty cocktail. Coconutty goodness. I don't remember what was in it beyond coconut rum and Irish cream. The table next to me saw what I got and they order a few as well...they also loved it.

Blue Moon
35 Baltimore Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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DancerInDC said...

This meal was certainly a treat. We've had a number of lackluster meals in Rehoboth, but this proved you get what you pay for (not that it was hideously expensive, mind you).

The service was great and the food was all good. I had a delicious mahi-mahi with cauliflower puree and roasted brussel sprouts. We even got some free wine for agreeing to move tables in order to accommodate a large party.

I think next time we're in town we'll definitely consider another cocktail @ Blue Moon's bar followed by a good meal.