Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Batch of Pesto

It's been a few weeks since I've done much in the kitchen. A combination of heat, exhaustion and lack of inspiration have left me bored. That said, I did get to make my first batch of pesto for the season. My basil has been loving the heat!

Freshly picked basil, rinsed and patted dry.

For some reason, I haven't done any research, but pine nuts have been stupidly expensively lately. So, I'm using slivered almonds. They work very well. There is a small bit of the 'piney' essence of the pine nut missing, but still very nice.

Basil, nuts and cheese all blended together. Turn on the machine and start drizzling in some olive oil until you have the consistency you want.

I tossed some store bought tortellini with the best, adding in some sauted onions, diced tomato and a few extra toasted almond slivers. Very nice.

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