Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wine Gift Box

Sorry folks...I haven't been very good with sharing wine reviews lately. It seems I've been more concerned with drinking the bottle, than I am of reviewing it and taking notes. Oops. That hasn't stopped me from trying several types of wine over the past month.

This was a gift. Not bad for a Chardonnay. Not too oaky.

For under $9 this is ok. I'm not going to run out to buy another bottle.

We've had this twice. The first time we had it, I really enjoyed it. The second bottle...wasn't chilled as much and the mellow fruit notes were to strong for my liking...very floral and ripe melon. This is one I prefer super chilled.

Not so much. This bottle was hot with alcohol. Too much. Burning. I did have a few notes saved from this bottle. Take what you will from these:

*Tannins gave me goosebumps
*Flavors start with resin, tar, smoke and tobacco, followed by strawberries and spices
*After sitting for awhile, the flavors mellow to dark chocolate covered dried cherries
*The alcohol is hot

We enjoyed two bottles of this at a restaurant. Very nice. I'll look for this again.

Not a great summer wine. To big and fat for a hot day. Save this for a cold winter night.

I really enjoyed this organic, "green" Sauvignon Blanc. Will give this one another shot, when I see it again.

We bought this one when we were on vacation at the beach earlier this summer. I have to admit...I don't remember a thing about...guess that's all I need to remember...


DancerInDC said...

The best of those was definitely the Steenberg. Crisp with mineral overtones.

Tony said...

I've had the Cono Sur pinot noir and its ... good, and light. Not my fav ever, (I'm a young, fruit forward drinker) but definitely a "buy if cheap or buy if I don't recognize anything else."