Thursday, May 14, 2009


I received some wine as a gift on Wednesday. I love wine as a is perfect!

We opened the Red Truck Pinot Noir for dinner and out of gate, it paired very lovely with the Steak Diane. We've had a lot of Red Truck in the past. Their red table wine, a blend of grapes, is very easy to drink, for all sorts of occasions. We've had the Red Truck white table wine and pink. I'm not as fond of either of those. At least I wasn't, I'd always be willing to re-try them.

This Pinot Noir is jam-packed with juicy berries, black cherries and overly-ripe strawberries. I also was towed in by some bell pepper, raisin and spices notes. On the nose, I mostly noticed some floral and more of the spices. I felt there were some raisins and cedar planks floating in there as well. The most interesting characteristic I noticed; when paired with dinner, the finish was very mild and velvety. But without the food; it was short, acidic and reminiscent of copper pennies.

I think this is a good value (usually around $10) wine and I look forward to another glass or two with Thursday's dinner.

From the bottle:

Red Truck
Pinot Noir, 2007

Our award winning Pinot Noir is medium bodied with aromas of dark berries blending with spice and Bing cherry for a rich finish.

Red Truck Winery, Sonoma, CA


Dancer in DC said...

I have to agree on the Pinot - this is one I don't think I would want to drink on its own, but it's nice with food. Once dinner was over I wasn't all that interested in a 2nd glass.

Jon - The DC Traveler said...

I toured Cline Cellars in Sonoma, home of Red Truck wines this past December. I have a photo of the famous red truck in their parking lot if you want to use it in your post. Contact me on The DC Traveler if interested.