Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two More Wines

If you've noticed, Sauvignon Blanc is our favorite white wine. We have it quite a bit.

This weekend, we planned on having wine on Friday night and Saturday night. So what did we have? More Sauvignon Blanc, both of which were bought locally (i.e. on the drive from work to home!).

Both of the wines were lovely.

Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough, New Zealand
Light yellow in colour, this wine has a distinctive Marlborough bouquet of ripe tropical and citrus fruit. The palate is crisp and zesty, with flavours of lemon, passionfruit and melon.

The Nobilo SB reminded us a lot of the Drylands SB that is our favorite. Drylands is great, but is hard for us to find. The only local place I can find it, without special ordering it, is at Total Wine in Springfield, VA. When I do buy it, I buy many bottles. Now I have a great alternative!!!

Sauvignon Blanc
South Africa
An elegant wine with a long, crisp finish. Light yellow with flashes of green. Gooseberry, green fig, guava and tropical flavours.

Before I go into this wine I have to talk about perception of value. We had a conversation the other night about wine and how much you can spend on a bottle. When we spent $20 on a bottle, we expected great wine. And anything less than awesome made us feel the money was wasted. When you spent $7 on bottle, you don't expect much. So if the wine is nasty, you don't feel too bad. But when that $7 bottle of wine is a good solid drinkable wine, you feel like you got a total steal.

Well, this wine is a total steal. For under $8 you get a solid, drinkable wine! The description is pretty spot on. You get good soft fruit, with those "flashes" of green and tart. I will continue to buy Oracle.


Stef said...

I bought a riesling Friday night at the local liquor store that I think had already started to turn. Friday night it was okay, but last night when I tried to drink it I just couldn't. I dumped the whole thing out. Sad face.

Amit said...

just dropping by, good blog