Thursday, March 19, 2009

Secret Garden

WOOT! The Obamas are planting a garden at the White House!!! Well, they are, their staff and some local school kids, but yippee!!!!

"...this commitment by Ms. Obama to local and freshly grown product is a progressive move forward that will raise the profile and awareness of local and sustainable food both at the White House and nationally to an unprecedented level."

--former White House executive chef Walter Scheib

Perhaps the Obamas read Michael Pollans' open letter to the future president back in October 2008. If you haven't read it, please do so. It's wonderful.

Read the full Washington Post article here:
Obamas to Plant Garden on White House Lawn

...and I planted my asparagus and some garlic this weekend...herbs will go out in a few weeks when the weather stops being so flighty.

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Dancer in DC said...

Awesome news and long overdue. You go, Michelle!