Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday Night

Bacchus did not have a night of rest on Saturday evening. In fact he was in high spirits and working his rear off.

We were blessed to spend the evening with the Sommeliatrix at her home in Logan Circlse and wow, what a night. We had several wonderful wines--stay tuned for those details.

Mild mannered environmental lawyer by day, ultra awesome wine diva by night, the Sommeliatrix entertained and served a divine Alsatian dinner. Pork roast with sauerkraut, smashed, roasted potatoes with olive oil and sea salt. Green & white asparagus and a lovely, light salad. Mmmmmmmm. We sat at the table and kept pouring wine, digging into the platters and pot o' pork and just having lovely conversation on wine and life.

What a wonderful evening.


Dancer in DC said...

Talk about wonderful!

The biggest surprise was how wonderful the kraut was - so very flavorful and layered! And the wine!

ikobi said...

How did you do your kraut to get it that wonderful color?