Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photo Updates

I wanted to share some photos with you...I'll be updating the recipes later when I have some more time to sit down...in the meantime...Click photos to embiggen, for full mouth-watering effect.

I have a dinner recipe coming up this week that calls for sun-dried tomatoes. I'm not a fan, so I decided I'd substitute some roasted tomatoes. Cut and seed the tomatoes, season with salt, pepper and herbs. Roast!

After the tomatoes are done, I put in a small bowl and covered with olive oil and plastic wrap. They are chilling the fridge until cooking time. They look really lovely! I'm looking forward to drying them in the recipe, I hope the substitution works.

Last night I whipped up a batch of balsamic vinaigrette to use as a marinade. It seemed overly sweet, but was still very pleasant and well rounded in flavors.

Oh snap. I made treats!!!

They are a no-bake bar. Very tasty. You'll like the recipe. Very easy!

And for giggles, here's another close-up after the chocolate and peanut butter firmed up. I love chocolate squiggles, they make me smile.

Stick around for the recipes over the coming days.


Mia said...

You Tease!

ScottE. said...

Why yes, yes I am.