Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Looks Pretty

This is a variation on my Cranberry Kickin' Apple Pickin' Chicken. Normally I use dried cranberries, craisins, but this time I went with fresh cranberries. It certainly looks pretty and delicious alongside the brown rice & barley.

I don't think I'll do that again. For my tastes, the fresh cranberries are just to bitter and tart to play well in a savory dish. The dried cranberries have their low sugar content concentrated, creating a chewy, side snack. I wouldn't want to add anything to try to counter the bitterness, beyond the apples, and they didn't do the job. Adding sugar or honey would just make the dish overly sweet.

So, lesson learned. Stick with the dried cranberries for Cranberry Kickin' Apple Pickin' Chicken!

Computer Update: Last night I ordered a new one. Hope it arrives next week! At some point in the near future I hope to have the data extracted off the dead computer. Fingers crossed. This meal was the first I've made since the computer crashed, so it's the first to have photos.

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Dancer in DC said...

I'd agree. I still ate my cranberries because they're good for me, but it's definitely better with dried.

(Hmm...I wonder what it would be like if you soaked craisins in apple brandy or something similar first?)