Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Boo hoo

I'm sitting here with my yummy oatmeal (spiced with cinnamon & cardamom with cashews and a little vanilla sugar) mourning what I suspect to be a loss with my computer. Things aren't looking good. Bummer! Back in March, my computer pooped out and it took sometime, but 90% of the data was saved and the machine rebuilt. I'm still holding out hope that the data can be saved this time. Photos. Lots and lost of photos would be gone otherwise. Many trips. Lots of great food. Photos of friends and family. The garden. Sadness. I know...I need to backup the data! But, I'm keeping hope alive. The hard drive on that machine was only 6-9 months old. And I think it's some other hardware that pooped out this time.

While I mourn, I urge those local folks to check out a nice little cafe that has recently opened in Hyattsville, MD. We went for a visit the weekend before Thanksgiving and loved the brunch we had.

Rhode Island Reds
Garden, Produce, Bakery, Cafe
4700 Rhode Island Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20781
Rhode Island Reds is a produce market café which sells delicious wholesome food and drink, with an emphasis on locally produced, fair trade, gourmet, and organic products, in a comfortable, artistic atmosphere, inexpensively priced. The produce stand and food shop also acts as the pantry for the café, thereby encouraging diners to purchase items they’ve enjoyed in their meals as well as food shoppers to sample the fruits, vegetables, and groceries, prepared in the kitchen and bakery.

In addition to a thriving Bakery, Café ,Green grocer, and Garden Specialty Shop, Reds is envisioned as a place for local residents to gather for entertainment, artistic, and community events; a place to enjoy in the cozy dining room/ art gallery / performance venue, both fine food and arts programming. Children and family events and specials are featured.
For our brunch visit, we each had an individual sized quiche that had the most flaky crust and flavorful filling. In addition we each had a pastry. The quiche was the perfect size and filled with tomatoes, onions, cheese and herbs. The egg was tender and tasted fresh. The filling was lovely! The pastry was pretty good. Our quiche was also served with a fruit salad (fresh apples, pineapple & orange segments) and some French bread with delicious strawberry jam (maybe homemade??). I'll certainly go back. Make sure to check the website for their hours; as the shop is new and the hours might change. For now, there is dinner on Friday night only, otherwise it's breakfast and lunch during the week and brunch on the weekend.


Mia said...

Sending positive thoughts of data recovery your way.

Dancer in DC said...

I certainly enjoyed our brunch, and hope to go back soon. Let's get out there and support small local businesses!