Sunday, December 07, 2008

Garlic Lovers Stand Up!

This really is a favorite of mine. Easy, fast and full of great flavor. Of course, Garlic is the predominate flavor, but there is also wine, olive oil, some red pepper and grated Parm. The only note is to roast your garlic in advance, so you don't have to wait an hour to make dinner.

We need to fry some garlic slivers.

Until they are golden, brown and crispy. Garlic Flavor 1.

Then we chop some garlic and saute in the same olive oil as the fried slivers. Toss in some red pepper for a little heat. Garlic Flavor 2.

As the garlic softens and starts to just barely get brown, pour in some wine.

Then we add some soft, gooey, sticky, awesome, roasted garlic. Let it dissolve in the wine and simmer for a minute. Garlic Flavor 3.

Add some chopped parsley, toss with spaghetti and garnish with crispy garlic slivers and freshly grated Parm.


ScottE. said...

Just a quick apologies to our neighbors. During the garlic roasting, you could smell garlic outside. Strong, yet pleasant. Not obnoxious. Mmmm.

Brett said...

Mmmmm Scott, I think we could be great friends. We'll cook together (or I'll get out of the way if it annoys you) and I'll provide the wine!

joyous said...

The easiest thing ever to make. Messy, but easy. And smelly, smelly good.

ScottE. said...

How'd you make it messy?