Monday, October 06, 2008

Pork or Beef?

Mahogany Stew with Pork

This was last night's dinner. The original recipe is Mahogany Beef Stew. It comes together quickly, then cooks in the oven until tender. Served here with couscous. Rich and tasty.

The change was instead of beef, I used some boneless pork spareribs that I cleaned of excess fat and cut into large chunks. They worked very well with the sauce. The rich meat held up to the rich gravy. In looking back at the recipe I missed a few things. I used less hoisin sauce, only 1/4 of a cup. I forgot the tomato paste and oregano. Didn't notice either missing. The tomato paste might have added a little acidity, which could balance the sweetness a little, but over all no noticeable difference.

A nice variation.

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Dancer in DC said...

Still a delicious sauce. I enjoyed the couscous this time, as it's a lighter starch to balance the rich sauce.