Sunday, September 07, 2008

Longwood Gardens

Hola. J-lo and I took the train up to see The Duchess in Philly last Saturday morning, spent the night, brunched and came home on Sunday. What a fun little trip. We went to Longwood Gardens, and they are really worth the trip. And bring a camera. Make sure to visit the fountain shows, especially the one with music. The Idea Garden and the Conservatory! I took well over 200 photos. Here is a small sampling...

(all photos can be clicked to embiggen.)

Shapes. Shapes. Shapes...I felt like I was in Super Mario Land.

This is the bigger fountain show, but not the show with music. The music show is smaller, but still really a lot of fun! A Sousa March is always fun.

A Cotton Flower!

Mmmm, beer! HOPS.

Another Cotton pretty!

This isn't a cotton's an okra flower...

Inside the Conservatory.



J-lo will be choreographing a dance in this space...

There is about 3-6 inches of water on the floor. Could be very interesting!!!

The water lilies...another site not to miss.

More caladium. This is like the one I have at home!

Random. There was a room tucked in the back filled with colored glass pumpkins. These were the only ones I saw in the gardens.

A cactus named for me!

This is my backyard...someday.

A Hobbit's House.

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These are gorgeous!!!!!