Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Frakkin' Labor Day

Celebrate with a visit to
Ben's Chili Bowl.

A Washington Monument for 50 years!!!

Even at 330/4pm, there was a line out the door when we arrived. And about a 20-25 minute wait inside.

Start with a Chili Half-Smoke with mustard, onions and Ben's famous Chili.

Finish with Chili-Cheese Fries.

And yet again, I stand there staring lustfully at their cakes and milkshakes and with a great degree of difficulty, I pass them by. I just can't subject myself to that much discomfort at once. Someday I will have both. But until I install the cast iron stomach, I can't do it all at the same time.

Congratulations to Ben's for 50 great years in DC. 50 years of standing against all sorts of adversity and becoming a community landmark we are all proud of. I've been honored to know you for the last 10 years and look forward to many, many more visits in the future!


Dancer in DC said...

It says something when we make a special afternoon trip out with the express goal of having chili dogs at Ben's.

Love to the Bowl!

Charles said...

Love Ben's. Love the milkshakes. I do the chili cheese burger and the chili cheese fries, so I only go once a year or so.

Em said...

Oh how I miss Ben's. Of course I could only ever have the vegetarian chili, but it was damn good! The perfect late-night snack after catching a band at the 9:30 Club, too.

Stef said...

I haven't been in so long! This totally makes me think I need to plan a trip soon...