Thursday, September 04, 2008

Curried Calzone? Maybe!

This is very interesting and I'm so very happy with the results. I'll get the recipe worked out in the near future; but in a nutshell. Leftover pizza dough. Potatoes. Great spices. Onions & Jalapenos. A little leftover chicken. Wow, these were great and super filling. I also made a yogurt dip with Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill, salt & pepper. A perfect meal.

Like I said, I'll work out the recipe in the next few days and post later. But in the meantime, you must enjoy these photos.

The main flavor base. Onions, jalapeno, curry spices!

Some chopped green beans and boiled potatoes.

This was the basic filling. I had some leftover pollo verde (Green Chicken w/Cilantro and Chilis) that I chopped up and added as well. Great compliment, but totally not needed.

The filling wrapped up in dough, given an egg wash and a sprinkle of salt.

Golden goodness.

These were fairly large. If I make them smaller in the future, they would be amazing little appetizers for a party.

I'm very happy. If only I could get a proper name for them.

Aloo Bonda maybe; an Indian potato and spices dumpling. Not really authentic I'm sure, but again, great flavor.


Dancer in DC said...

These were both tasting and filling, and I agree - what a great party appetizer! Maybe you can call it "Aloo Bonda a'la Scott!"

The Kara said...

Looks delish! I think I've had this - it's a samosa, no? When you come visit we will go have some FANTASTIC Indian food in rhotis at the East Hampton Chutney Company.

gaga said...

These look wonderful. I'm definitely bookmarking this one to make in the future! Thanks for posting this.