Tuesday, June 24, 2008



Sure. They are a little cute. But this little devils...I'm thru with them.

They thwarted us time and time again with the bird feeder...until we finally got them. Vaseline on the pole...they can't get to it!

Then there were the roses. They ate our roses and broke two major stems of the rose bush.

And now.

NOW they have done it.

I mentioned earlier in the week we were on track to eat our first tomato. Well. Guess what. We weren't the only ones excited. Not only did they eat the ripe, red tomato, they pulled off a green tomato and ate half of it. Not even the whole thing. They picked it off the plant. Moved it at least ten feet away and ate only half it.

AND THEN...they went over and busted off two major stems of the blackberry bush and ate the berries...and they got the blueberries...

I'm done. They better watch out. This is war.


Jack said...

Mothballs hanging in little nylon bags.
Homemade Pepper Spray (hot sauce and water) misted on daily.
Red Pepper flakes sprinkled about daily.
Planting marigolds on the perimeter of your garden areas.
Get a dog and/or outdoor cat that chases squirrels.
Cover your most beloved plants in full wire cages.
Trapping and/or killing will not work.
Rumor has it that the squirrels eat the tomatoes because they are thirsty, you could try to lure them away with little bowls of water.

Lauren said...

I've tried using dried blood as an option. It smells like animals, and it's also a fantastic organic fertilizer for your fruits and veg. You just sprinkle some in and around your plants and the squirrels will leave it alone. You can find it in the organic section of your garden store.

DC Food Blog said...

Hee! I was a squirrel blog! (eew Drrty). We're going to SF Pride this weekend!

Cyber Glo said...

Although I am sad to hear about the tomato plants, I think it is somewhat ironic that you guys have gourmet squirrels!

Lady Brandenburg said...

Could it be birds who got the tomatoes? My parents cover their entire tomato crop (over 30 plants) with a George-engineered contraption of nylon netting held up with metal poles to preserve those little red beauties.

Stef said...

My dad's at war with some chipmunks. They're eating up the garden and climbing up into the birdfeeders hung on tree branches. He's just itching to go the bb gun route.

Barbara said...

One of my co-workers put a couple of tomato plants out behind the library and put cut up pieces of Irish Spring soap all around the plants. So far the squirrels haven't touched them. It seems they HATE the smell of the soap more than they love tomatoes.

ScottE. said...

Some interesting ideas...but they won...the battle is over...there are NO MORE TOMATOES! Very sad day.