Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick Update

Hello! Happy Memorial Day. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.

We've been a little busy, but have been enjoying some great food. As you know, Saturday was the Cheverly Community Market. We came home with lots of great food. Fruits & Veg. Baked goods and jams. Meats and dairy! Woot. Then we headed to spend the night with Lord, Lady and Baby B. More good food and great drink. Sunday we ate a dozen farm fresh eggs, then back home to BBQ some chicken for a mini potluck with C&S&K.

This morning we made the Brioche & Asparagus Strata. Stay tuned for some step by step photos. We have some more errands and fun stuff to do today.

This is my chicken on the grill on Sunday night. The chicken received a great dry rub full of all sorts of great herbs and spices. Then in the final 4 minutes, they were given a light coating of BBQ sauce. Really good!

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