Monday, May 12, 2008

An Expensive Habit

My expensive habit needed a fix this weekend. Sunday morning, we loaded in the car and drove around the Beltway to the Rockville Pike. Hello Penzeys.

Ouch! Nearly $100. I had a list and I got what was on my list. Problem with the store? I can sniff four types of cinnamon and decide that the one I wanted is great, but the one I really really want is twice the price. Oops. Vanilla? Sure I need the more expensive one!

When all was said and done I only bought three things that weren't on the list. The most satisfying: the dutch processed cocoa. Penzeys has jars that you can get a sniff of the herbs/spices/flavors. Well, this cocoa was unlike any cocoa I've bought in the past. I had to have it for some baking that was planned. Which is why you see two tubes of vanilla beans! Bought some more curry. A one pound bag of Tellicherry Black Pepper. A mid-sized jar of Garam Masala.


Barbara said...

Oh could I do some damage at Penzey's. The closest one for me is in Falls Church. Just far enough to not be convenient yet close enough to get to if we happen to be out running around.

I wish I knew you needed vanilla beans. I have a blue billion from a contest I won from Steamy Kitchen a few months ago. I'd have gladly given you a dozen beans. (still will if you like)

ScottE. said...

I remember Jaden's contest! I was so excited and had my fingers crossed. Thrilled you won.

If you're offering; I'd love to take you up on it! Contact me offline at


CHVchick said...

Have you tried the orange extract? It's fantastic. Also, the sate seasoning and, and, and... Their catalog has been my favorite bedtime reading for many years!

ScottE. said...

I haven't used the orange extract, but it sure had a great aroma, as did the almond extract.

I've used the sate seasoning. That, paired with a little peanut dipping sauce with chicken skewers...Sounds like a great lunch! To bad I have PG&J.