Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As Seen On TV

Really, I should say "As Seen On The Martha Stewart Show."


OMG! I'm a winner of Martha's Favorite Cookie Contest!!!!

Martha announced the ten winners in today's show. Martha made a comment about how unusually these cookies were...I think she didn't get that they were uncapped, because I didn't put the tops on yet!!!!

As soon as I have links from Martha's website, I will put them on here and you can watch for yourself!!!



Probably for today only (it changes daily), you can click in, then mid-way, towards the top of the page is a blue link for Tuesday, May 13. Click there.

Then you’ll see on the right side a link for Cookie Contest. There will be a short advertisement video, then the segment will start. Martha begins announcing the cookies at the 3:15 mark. My photo is announced at the 4:30 mark.


Dancer in DC said...

It is true! I saw it! He is a winnah!!!

Foodaholic said...

Congrats to you too! =)
Those look delicious. I am looking forward to trying more recipes from her cookie book.

Stef said...

For he's a jolly good fellow.... which nobody can deny!


The Kara said...

SCOTT! I saw the show when I came home and also thought it was funny that she was fixated on the 'un-capped-ness' of your pies. No matter - you are a winner!!!

Ellen said...

Hi there! I am a Cheverly neighbor who found you via today's Chvblog post. Congratulations on the Martha honor. That's HUGE. I heart Martha.

And as a total foodie/wino I can't believe I'd missed your blog 'til now. But it's great and I'll be back. I'm especially looking forward to your ideas on what to do with all the good stuff we'll be buying at the Cheverly farmer's market.

Charlie said...

This is the link that worked at 10PM Wednesday.

Greg said...

Congrats again, Scott. The cookies look delish and you deserve to win. (And look at all this site traffic, I'm telling ya, ca-ching!)

Barbara said...

Holy Sh*t! That's so cool! Congratulations.

strambinha said...

Hi Scott,

I am here to congratulate you for your lovely whoopie pies winning the contest, and also to thank you!

I learned about the contest when I saw your entry on the 29th, I submitted my cookies, and I happened to be selected as one of the winners.

So, I hold you directly responsible! Thank you very much...

ScottE. said...

WELL THANK YOU STRAMBINHA! I'm so excited you entered...and your Nutella Linzers were stunning.