Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Perfectly Perfect

****Scroll down for an UPDATE****



Martha Stewart Loves My Whoopie Pies!!!
My photo was shown on today's (April 29, 2008) episode in an early segment of the show.

"Uncapped Whoopie Pies"
(click on the photo for the greatest effect!)

Ms. Stewart highlighted a few of the cookie photos from the cookie contest she's running. Mine was the third to last one...and she said:

"Now these look really good. Kevin Sharkey, beware."


It's a good thing....the best cookie contest ends May 4!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!


You can view the clip of my cookie on Martha's webpage now.

Click here.

Then when the page opens, click on the blue tab for "Tuesday, April 29." On the right hand side, there will be a button that says "Play Entire Show" (under the small ad). There will be a short commercial. Martha will chat for a minute. She starts talking about the cookie contest at 1:45...my cookie appears at 2:20!!!!


Greg said...

Congrats Scott, that's great publicity for you and Martha's endorsement should surely help draw the undecideds into your camp. Best of luck.

Selena Kang said...

I remember those whoopie pies! About time someone recognized their heavenly nature! And it was Martha!!!!! Congrats Scott!!!!

DC Food Blog said...

Holy cow Scott! You're BIIIIG time. I wanna whooppee pie!

joyous said...

My mom is requesting the famous whoopie pies when the parents come a'visiting. I had to call and tell her after J-Lo phoned me last night.

Courtney said...

OMFG!!! Your whoopies are famous!! When I come to visit we should make whoopie together!

Kelly Marsh said...

The comment from Courtney is actually from me...I don't think he wants to make whoopie with you but you never know!

ScottE. said...

Geesh Kelly...getting my hopes up...but don't worry, i'll make whoopie with you too!

Stef said...

OMFG!!!! You are the awesomest ever! So how did you know that she'd talked about it? Did you see the show or get some kind of notice or something? You are so super-famous!!!

Brunette said...

Scott, how exciting! Congratulations on being "discovered" by Martha! I've been meaning for the longest time to make these whoopie pies. Now that they're famous, no more procrastinating - they look delicious.

Jeff said...

wow congrats ! yer famous, ok more famous

ScottE. said...

Stef: I had no idea...we were just watching and oh...there's my foto.

Stef said...

Wow, that must've been an awesome shreaking with glee moment!!! :-)

ScottE. said...

It appears that the video has been removed from the Martha website...now we just have to wait...

Barbara said...

You can still get to the video, search on the show topics and select "more topics" at the bottom. THis will let you select past months shows. I found the one from Apr 29th and saw your cookies! Way cool! Good luck!