Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vote for me!

I just submitted this photo to Martha Stewart's cookie contest. Click in and rate my cookie!


Greg said...

Important Note: You need to have a registered Martha site account in order to see the rating device at the bottom of the screen. (You can't actually interact with the greyed out stars display in the center of the page near the image).

ScottE. said...

Thanks for that note. I didn't know that. No worries if you can't's up to Martha anyway...and how can she not love my cookie!

ScottE. said...

If you like to vote…

You can create an account here:


Then you can click in and view all the cookies:


My cookie photo is on one of the last pages (page 49, cookie # 385 out of 401), but that all changes each time someone else adds a cookie