Thursday, March 06, 2008

Free The Grapes!

Action Alert!

Thanks to CHVBlog for alerting readers about a hearing before Maryland state legislators this week about the out-dated alcohol laws in The Free State.

If I understand the issue correctly, wholesalers decide what wines are sold in the state, not consumers. This leads to a frustrating environment for oenophiles who are unable to order and have their favorite vino shipped directly to them.

Visit Free The Grapes to send a message to Maryland officials asking them to repeal/abolish these outdated laws limiting free markets!


ScottE. said...

Tee hee....this is making me laugh...the Angry Grape reminds me of the Angry Monkey on The Family Guy....

Carry on.

PHIL347 Scalia said...

i was literally just going to say what you just said.

the evil monkey wasn't always that evil... HONEY i'm homeeee.. what what who is this?!

PHIL347 Scalia said...

i have no idea why it says that my name is phil 347, but it's winnie.