Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

It's been a busy weekend...I have several posts in the hopper...just need to finish add photos or finalizing the recipes. The big event of the weekend...? I started Friday night by assembling a giant lasagna for a very special Saturday Event of Ultimate Geekdom...Joyous joined J-lo and I for a full day marathon of Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica!!! We managed to sustain ourselves for 11 hours before admitting defeat...7 more episodes to go...but we will do it...Season 4 starts on April 4.

The lasagna was pretty dang good. There's 3/4th's of a pan left...guess what we're eating for lunches this week.

Yesterday, Easter, we did some stuff around the house. Worked in the gardens, raked leaves, set up the new cheap-o patio's nothing special, but it's a starter set that will get a few; 2-3 years of wear out of. Then we headed to a lovely Easter celebration with Lord, Lady & Princess B. I brought the Pear and Vanilla Brown Butter Crisp. Divine! What fun. I used three types of pears and added a light pinch of Cardamom to the topping. Very very subtle, but very very nice.

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