Monday, November 05, 2007

Four Spices

A little new fun tonight. Quatre Epices on my chicken, which was placed on a pile of mashed, not mashed potatoes, mashed white sweet potatoes...yes, white sweet potatoes....and quatre epices.

Primarily a French blend, Quatre Epices (Four Spices) brings together the flavors of pepper, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. There might be variations of the spices. For kicks, I picked up my tin of quatre epices from Dean & Deluca. I loved the flavors it brought to the chicken and might try to find other ways to use it in the future, including side dishes or event spicy desserts.
Now White Sweet Potatoes. Fun. Really they tasted the same as its orange-coral cousin, just a little pigmentally challenged. I mashed my taters with a little salt and some butter. Unlike a regular mashed potato, I didn't go crazy with salt or butter, and I omitted the cream altogether. And unlike the orange sweet potato, I didn't go into the sweet/sugar realm.

I think these two items played together very well. The spices on the chicken held their own against the sweet potato and vice versa. Well played good friend.

When I plated up, I put down a pile of taters and placed the sliced chicken breast on top. To finish the entree off, I tossed a finely diced shallot into the fry pan and a little dollop of butter, I spooned this on top. Good...not necessary and didn't really bring anything to this party. Maybe I'll find something in the alcohol family to make a quick glaze next time. We'll see???

If you can find the white sweet potatoes, use orange sweet potatoes or even mashed potatoes...or some other mashed veg...turnips? parsnips?


Stef said...

Do you know if white sweet potatoes are more common in Asian cooking? I happened to have some in a tempura dish recently. Tasted good, but it was weird to see them be white instead of the usual orangey color.

I love new ideas for things to do with chicken breasts! Mmmm, spices.

Dancer in DC said...

Mmmm...very good. I ate more than I should, which is a sign of deliciousness!

ScottE. said...

I don't know the popularity of the white sweet potato. I've had them recently at an event. But that's it. Didn't even know they existed. Then at the local farmers market, they had a few of them.

Terri in WI said...

I recently bought sweet potatoes from our local farmer's market. I had no idea until I peeled one of the 'taters that it wasn't orange, but white! Freaked me out a bit... I thought it might not be what I thought it was... But it smelled and tasted just like the orange potato. It had a more reddish skin, tho, than the orange sweet potatoes I find at the grocery store. I'm not a fan of the spiced up and sweetened sweet potato... I like mine french fried and swimming in Cajun seasoning!

ScottE. said...

These whites had a white skin to them. Similiar to a regular potato, but the shape was nearly exactly that as the traditional sweet potato.

There's a joint in College Park, Maryland where you can get the sweet potato fries with a cinnamon sugar sprinkle and a side of marshmallow fluff for's freakin' dessert! I also like to get the Hot Chips...freshly fried tater chips, lightly seasoned in Old Bay!