Thursday, September 06, 2007


Tonight was pasta! Yesterday I decided to make a ragu sauce that I've made before. (click here for recipe.) The sauce takes some time...the more time the better, but even with just an hour of simmering, the sauce is very tasty and uber-satisfying.

Start with some bacon that you want to crisp up. Reserve. Pour out some of the fat. Saute the onions.

The onions with the fennel and crushed red pepper. When you have spices, if you can, add them early, in the oil, so they have a chance to release their flavors. The essential flavor compounds in most, if not all spices are soluble in oil. Giving the spices an opportunity to develop their flavor in the oil will yield you a more flavorful final dish.

I used a meat loaf mix (beef, veal, pork). The meat mixed with the onion and spice mix.

After the wine has reduced and the tomato paste added.

With the tomato puree. Simmering over the lowest heat you can.

Served with orcchiette. Garnish with grated parm.

Tastes like more!

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Ramona said...

The ragu looks delish. Bacon. Mmm.