Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Open Sesame

Sesame noodles and chicken 'sate.'

The noodles are pretty darn good and totally hit the spot on a warm day. They are great warm, room temp or even cold. I prefer them room temp, but enjoy them cool, allowing the chill to escape them a bit. Tonight I added some finely sliced red pepper and carrots to the noodles for some crunch and veg.

The chicken. Well that was an experiment. I thought I had Sate Seasoning from Penzey's. Ooops, must have used it up. SO...I mixed together a spoon of Baharat spice blend, Curry and Tandoori spices, salt, lime juice and some grapeseed oil. Cooked up on the griddle in about 2 minutes. Spicy, but really tasty. Served with some of the extra sesame noodle dressing as a dipping sauce. I'll play around with this again and see what parts of the spices to adjust. Without the sauce the chicken was almost too spicy. Perhaps 1/2 the amount of baharat and maybe a sweet curry instead of the hot curry.

And I was considering using the skewers, but why bother when it's just dinner for two?


Dancer in DC said...

I love the noodles - so filling and tasty!

Lady Brandenburg said...

I hear you on the skewers thing - I make a WW version of Chicken Satay with the coconut/peanut butter sauce and we definitely DON'T bother with skewers. It's Yummy.