Monday, June 18, 2007


Ribs for dinner.

I'll elaborate later, I'm tired now...long weekend/day...parboiled the ribs until cooked and tender, grilled and basted with sauce on the grill pan...served with buttered rice. Tasty...not very tender...a bit dry. Looked good, smelled good, tasted good. And really easy...again, I'll elaborate later when I'm more than partially awake.

UPDATE 6/19/07:
Ok, this was pretty easy, but these were not tender and were dry. So what I'm documenting here is what I did, so next time I can rework this to make them better. I pretty much know what I did wrong and did it on purpose, sort of.

First, I simmered the boneless country pork ribs in water with an onion, garlic clove, bay leaves and some other spices. I did this for about 40 minutes. At this point I removed the ribs and set them aside. I coated each rib in sauce and tossed them on the grill pan, rotating and basting with more sauce for about another 20 minutes.

In the future I would plan to braise the ribs in a brothy sauce for 90 minutes to 2 hours. I suspect that will tenderize the ribs and make them moist in the process. I can still 'grill' them afterwards to carmelize and get some crispy bits.

All that said, for an hours work, they were tasty and worked well for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

What I love to do with ribs is make sort of "envelopes" of heavy duty aluminum foil and pour in vinegary sauce, then seal them up and cook them for 2-3 hours at 200 degrees. Then you can drain the sauce out of the aluminum sleeves, reduce it for dipping, and sizzle the meat under a broiler or on the grill. Mmmmm. Meat.