Friday, May 18, 2007

Suggestions Please

Hello all,

In the near future I am hosting a small gathering at our place and have promised to serve sangria.

Problem is, I've never made sangria, nor has anyone pointed a recipe to me and said 'this recipe rocks.'

So I turn to you loyal readers, What makes the best sangria? What type of wine (I want to go red this time around)? What type/brand of booze/brandy? What type of fruit? Do you add fruit juice? Do you use sugar?

I look forward to your feedback, as do my guests!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott...I have a recipe from my Spanish friend involved cheap red wine (think big jug of gallo), fruit slices and orange soda. I'll send you the recipe when I get home in case you want it--but beware it's a large recipe, so you may want to halve or even quarter it. Also, it needs to soak for a long time.
:) Faye

Nat said...

apples are a must...they soak up the wine and are fun to chew on or get drunk off. i saw a recipe on that had a 5 star rating from 400+ users, so might be good to get some ideas from there?

Stef said...

My mom once made a white sangria with plum wine. It was horrible. Don't do that! :-)

My personal favorite sangria is the La Tasca one with deep red wine and cinammon - it tastes like Joyous's mulled wine, but chilled with fruit!

Anonymous said...

3 parts red wine
1.5 parts cognac
2 parts orange juice

add a good deal of ice & mixed fruit (apples, pears, etc.)

cognac's really the best

Jacob Siefring (Goldblatt's friend)

Anonymous said...

oh yes a bottle of cabernet sauvignon red wine is the best