Monday, May 07, 2007

Not what I planned!

1) I hate my apartment building. When you shut the water off for the ENTIRE DAY and say it will be back on at 3pm, if you are not going to do that, you need to alert your tenants. Why do you need to alert your tenants? You need to alert your tenants so they can work around the evening plans? No water, no sink, no cleaning vegetables, no doing the dishes, no water to drink, no restroom! It's currently 4 1/2 hours after when the water was supposed to be turned back on. Oh, and why else do I hate my apartmen? They don't return your calls when you call to find out what the story is! I'm very upset.

2) Giant had a sale on porterhouse steaks. No washing, rinsing or water needed. Sadly, it's the only thing we had for dinner. I had plans, grand plans for dinner. It wasn't bad. But I'm not satisfied.

3) I'm so happy. Lily and Marshall got married!!!


ScottE. said...

Guess What??? 630 AM and STILL NO WATER. Unexceptable! There are going to be words. WORDS!!!

roganista said...

Forget about the water. Grill your steak (charcoal, broiler, whatever). Keep it medium rare. Blend together garlic and cilantro with some oil. Use it to top your steak instead of butter. It's easy and amazingly flavorful. And more importantly, it'll make you forget that you don't have water.