Friday, May 04, 2007

Cleanin' up

The cleaning up of Eastern Market has begun!

The help track the progress and have a central place to share information, a new website has popped up!

To help raise money and awareness, some tee-shirts have been designed and will be sold! Check out for more information.

From the picture above...I'm curious how much of that equipment will be able to be salvaged, repaired/refurbished for future use by the vendors? Trying to think optimistically about what kind of things will need to be replaced.


Bryce said...

Hi Scott, Thanks for stopping by my long neglected blog - but there is a reason! I don't currently have a kitchen. Naomi, Fiona and I are about to start out a new adventure - we have moved off the boat (which is for sale BTW and are staying with family and preparing to move into the great American outback. We have both gotten jobs teaching at the University of Wyoming - Naomi in Bio - and I in Art. (you can check out my "I got no kitchen" art blog at
I still stop by and read but having no kitchen... What's a guy to do??

Barbara said...

Wow! I've been out of town for 2 weeks and hadn't heard about this. Hope they can get it back on it's feet again.