Sunday, April 15, 2007

Soup on the rainy day

I made soup for dinner. This wasn't the plan. The plan really was to eat frozen pizza; but when I got to Giant to buy some ingredients to bake some sweet treats, they didn't have what I needed, so I got upset and decided I had to make something tonight...I'm weird.

The soup...broth, thin pieces of pork, onion, garlic, ginger, carrots, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, bean sprouts, chili sauce, lime juice, soy and fish sauces. All poured over noodles. Yum!!!

These are the noodles...I found them at Giant and thought they would be fun to try.

I made the broth with a pork boullion cube, garlic clove and some chunks of ginger. After simmering for a bit, I strained out the ginger and garlic. In a small pan, a wee touch of olive oil started cooking the onions, carrots and jalapeno. Then added a few dashes of the sauces. Let that go a minute. Pour in some broth and add the pork. Simmer until the pork is cooked. Squeeze some lime juice over the top.

When the noodles are done, place in a large bowl, add the cilantro, green onions and bean sprouts. Pour over the broth and tender veg! Tasty, healthy and easy!


Stef said...

That looks really good, and it does sound fairly easy. I've never really used bouillain cubes. But I like the idea of making more homemade soups, to cut way down on the sodium.

ScottE. said...

This really was nice! I loved the flavors of the broth. It was warm and spicy, salty and just a touch pungent from the fish sauce. Then the floral bite of the cilantro and tartness of the lime. YUM. The ingredients I used were basically what I had in the produce drawer. I'm sure if you were more a veg person you might add some broccoli or maybe some fancy mushrooms. Super simple. Will add this one to the soup line at home!

ScottE. said...

I also have to say...that was a lot of food! I made about three cups of broth, plus the noodles and veg. I ate nearly all of it. Certainly enough for two sensible servings.

Stef: Boullion cubes are simple and acceptable. I buy mine at Giant from the Hispanic section, they are really cheap and generally pretty tasty. But they aren't that great on cutting out sodium!!! You might be able to find some low-sodium varieties of the more name brand ones.

For this soup I used Pork Boullion. The brand I use has chicken, beef, veg, fish, shrimp and probably a few others. I have at home, the chicken, pork, beef and veg. They are cheap and last for a long time.