Sunday, April 01, 2007

Shopping Cart Sunday

I've been a little busy, but I haven't been lazy...just haven't had much time for posting.

I made brisket the other day, so we'd have something for lunches this coming week. Really tasty, but this time it was a little dry. I think it was the meat, there wasn't much fat. So I took the cooking liquid and simmered it down to a light gravy, giving the tad dry brisket a little extra lip smackin' flava!

Sunday morning, I experimented in the cookie vain. I will owe you all a recipe on this one! There were two types of cookies; Cherry Blossom Special and "Carmel Apple Cookies!" Sometime last year I bought some cookies from the bakery at Giant. Carmel Apple Cookies. They were wonderful. I think I have a good start here! We'll give them another try and see what I can prepare for you.

And one night last week I wanted a little something sweet to finish dinner. Chocolate Rice Pudding. Mmmm, rice, cream, sugar, chocolate fudge from Michigan. YUM. I made a full pot. The leftovers the next day...crap! It was like eating paste! Garbage!!!


Dancer in DC said...

Caramel apple cookies are divine!!!

Dancer in DC said...

UPDATE - the brisket makes amazing cold roast beef sandwiches! On some toast with mustard...YUM.