Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baked "ham" and potatoes

I wanted ham today...good ham...sadly Giant didn't have good ham, so I bought a Turkey "Ham" Loaf...not bad, but I'd have preferred the real deal. I threw it in the oven for awhile, made some carmelized onion marmalade for it and some potato 'hash' as a side.

The Potato Hash wasn't too bad. One large sweet potato cut into large cubes. Two small white potatoes cut into large cubes. Some olive oil in a large pan. Season with salt and pepper. Later add a teaspoon of cajun seasoning, hot sauce (to taste) and a TB of butter. Saute until tender. Oh, and about a teaspoon of dried oregano. Good. Filling. Make sure to use plenty of salt, taters need it.


Stef said...

That looks so good. My dad loves hardy food like that, and he almost always bakes a big ham for holidays. It's something I look forward to as a reason to go to Indiana!

ScottE. said...

I wanted to note about the sweet taters...the cajun seasoning was a great compliment to them. You still had the slight sweetness, paired nicely with warmth provided by the different chili selections in the seasoning and hot sauce. Nice.

I love real ham...didn't do one this spring like I normally do, I think this was my attempt to satisfy the urge...for a turkey 'ham' it was good...but it wasn't pork!