Sunday, February 11, 2007


Hey all,

Sorry for the complete lack of's been a long time since I didn't make a post in a week's time. Work has been busy. This weekend was packed. Sunday night required I empty the entire kitchen again...the apartment peeps need to spray for pests...and I won't get my kitchen back to order until Wednesday. So the next post might be Thursday. Stay tuned.

This past week we went out to celebrate J-lo's birthday. We dinned with Joyous and Sterf at Acadiana at 9th & New York Avenue NW. YUM. Eventually I'll get a post up about the whole evening. In the meantime, catch a snippet at TVF16S. The Pecan Chocochip Tart was divine!


Stef said...


Dancer in DC said...

I'm not a pecan person, but damn was that good.