Saturday, January 13, 2007

Quick Bread

Quick Story: When we went to Michigan over Christmas, we stopped at this cute little kitchen shop in "Olde Towne" Lansing. There were plenty of things I would have loved to buy, but kept control. But they did have a very nice selection of King Arthur flour products. FUN! Over the past few months, when I've had to buy flour, I've bought the King Arthur brand when I can find it. It is pretty good and I'd say worth the slightly higher prices.

At this shopw, I bought a package of Italian Style/OO flour. I haven't used it yet, but I'm looking forward to making some pizza dough with that! I also bought this great mix: Vermont Maple & Walnut Muffin/Quick Bread mix. So simple and really delicious! I hightly recommend it if you can find it. There is a little recipe on the back for a maple glaze. Make it. But instead of milk use cream and instead of maple flavoring, use maple syrup...about 3 TB of it. YUM!!! Great breakfast bread and / or dessert (as it was last night).


Washington Cube said...

King Arthur products. Da Best.

Anonymous said...

Hearty bread - yum. Ooey maple glaze - yummer!